Convention 1938

This was the year that the inaugural Cameric Annual General Meeting took place. We include it purely because the story goes that amongst the topics of un-official business in the room was the Cartophilic Society, and it was indeed founded later in that year; in addition many of the officials of the Cameric Club would become closely connected with us. And it would have been a good time to discuss it, because then, as now, any collector that could attend did their best to. From the outset the new body was to be a learned Society, run on scientific methods, with dreams to apply for a Royal Charter so that Fellows of the Royal Cartophilic Society could legally add F.R.C.S. after their name. This never did come to fruition, but it does explain our initial mission statement that “The Society was formed for the purposes of promoting, encouraging and contributing to the science and practise of Cartophily”. Our earliest patrons and supporters were Lady Margaret MacRae O.B.E., J.P., keen cartophilist, and sister of Lord Bute, and C.H. Matthews.