A Cartophilic Hallowe`en

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So lets have another chat about Hallowe`en. The first thing I thought was that there would be tons of Hallowe`en references in my library of vintage volumes but after a thorough search I have to admit that it is sadly not a festival that we ever seemed to celebrate.


And then a change, as finally, in Volume 21, issue number 199, September/October 1996, as shown here, the New Issues section carries two sets that definitely seem to be Hallowe`en related - or by that time I might have been clutching at any straws I could find.

However is there anyone out there who can anyone confirm or deny that this was when Hallowe`en really took off in Britain as it had been celebrated in the United States of America?

I have to say that though I believed that these  two issues must have been out in this month for the sole reason of appealing to trick or treaters, it turns out that Disney`s cartoon version of the “Hunchback of Notre Dame was actually released in cinemas in June 1996, and I would have thought these stickers ought to have been out before that, providing advanced advertising....

panini hunchback
cadbury halloween

The second item, these Cadbury Little Monsters is even more intriguing as I cannot find Cadburys Monster Shape Chocolate Biscuits anywhere, though they did make two series of not very Hallowe`en related "Monster Bars" in the 1970, which you can read about, and have a good look at, by clicking on  http://www.collectingcandy.com/wordpress/?p=6352 

Now the reference to Rayart Contact Colouring and Embossing by Regentworld Limited is even more confusing, as it leads me to a hairdresser, in Regents Park, which closed in 1995, and moved to London N12. At no time can I find an address in Potters Bar, as shown on the cards. And it does make me wonder whether the Rayart colouring film was a hair product that was renamed to “Peel N Colour” before being sold to the graphic arts trade? But then on the cards it says “World Patents Pending” like it has never existed. Curiouser and curiouser.... 

Well after this brief excitement, I`m sorry to say that we again returned to the wasteland, with no mention of Hallowe`en in 1997. And we waited on, until, in 2011, this cover slid out of envelopes in Cartophilic households all over the world......

2011 cover

Now before you think that was just the cover, think again, as the interior was full of spooky delights. Even the postal auction report was inspired to close with this suitably spine tingling reminder that we do not have long to enjoy our treasures and we cannot take them with us.


.... and many thanks indeed to the editor at that time, Mr. J. Devaney, who has most graciously allowed me to “cannibal-eyes” the work he did on our magazine, before he moved over to the other side and breathed of new life into the former “Card Times”, creating a wonderful new world called “The Card Scene”. Enter that at https://thecardscene.weebly.com/

Here are a few more "delights" that we have dug up for you from that issue ...

halloween editorial

And here are two lots from the gallery for that auction - a creepy clown and a frightening foot.....

a pair of cuties

At first I thought the foot had a hole in it where you inserted your finger and made it look like its tongue was sticking out, but it turns out to just be a golden sovereign. Phew !

To close, he has also sent you a World Exclusive, some scans of a few cards that did not appear at that time, and here they are...

1970 "Way Out Wheels card 16 (George Barris)

1960s Spanish "The Munsters" card 132

1980s Bela Lugosi sticker from Spain

An unknown die cut devil card - can anyone out there identify the issuer ?

fiendish foursome