Newsletter - 2022-04-15

Happy Easter to all our readers, and we hope that you have a peaceful holiday, also that the weather is kind, and the light good enough to make sure your wants lists are up to date for our ever nearing Convention in Hemel Hempstead.

Now we need to mention that there is a dedicated Convention webpage which will be getting lots of attention over the weekend, and if you have twitter please join us in tweeting #CartophilicConvention2022 with all your thoughts and pictures, what you are hoping to buy, what you are dreaming of seeing there, etc.

And make sure you tag in our twitter site which is @Card_World

Dont forget the auction will be LIVE this year, so you must get your bids in early if you are not able to attend as the closing date is sooner. The catalogue is online already 

One more thing is that the swap table will again be operating and for this to work to the best of its ability we need all the swaps we can possibly muster, so even if you only have a few bring them along and pop them on the table. Though we specify selected sets on the flyer anything in the way of modern gum and trading cards will add to the excitement. 

And now on with the newsletter !