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These links are all correct and working as of 25th June 2022.
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Wills "United Service" cigarette packet

The Cigarette Packet Collectors Club of Great Britain  at  http://cigarettepacket.com/  is very close to us in many ways, not just because the cards we collect started out in a packet of some kind, and seeing those definitely adds knowledge and interest, but because it was founded in the late 1970s by one of our members, Nat Chait, who not only ran Nathan`s Pipe Shop, 60 Hill Rise, in Richmond, but also started The Bees, a Middlesex Branch of the Cartophilic Society in the 1980s. 
They meet in London twice a year, and have a printed magazine, as well as their very interesting website which includes a very useful gallery of packets. 
And if you do become a member, please tell them you saw them here!

George Best Card Scene

The Card Scene  at  https://thecardscene.weebly.com/  is a fun website, and a very popular printed large size magazine, approximately A4 size. 
This picture is from one of their recent editions (April-June 2021) and it is very sought after but is still available direct from the Card Scene, though in ever more limited numbers. Check out their blog for how to order.
Their scene is primarily cards, of all sorts, cigarette cards, trading cards, and postcards, but they also bring other collectables to the table - science fiction, television, film, football and other various sports. And their latest edition is entitled "Planet in Peril - S.O.S. Edition", and you can see that striking cover on Twitter

A & B.C. Gum "Flags"

Australian Cartophilic Society  at  http://www.australiancartophilic.org.au  has been going since 1968. They hold regular card fairs, meetings including a Christmas event, run a postal auction, bookshop and a library, as well as produce a newsletter.

Their members collect all kinds of ephemera, not just cigarette and trade cards. And best of all they accept overseas memberships



Ogden Guinea Gold - Gallaher`s Factory

Grace`s Guide  at  https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Main_Page  or more correctly, Grace's Guide to British Industrial History, is a really useful one as it gives biographies of companies, so if you collect trade cards and ephemera you will find a lot of information here. They have also digitised many early magazines and guides, starting from 1833, and you can download those as PDFs, though they do charge for this.

And as this is a continually updating site, they are always looking for volunteers to send in any information to add to their records. 

ZJ02-390 : ZJ2-26 : H.114 [tobacco : UK] Anonymous “Flags of Nations” untitled (pre 1905) Un/30

New York Public Library   at   https://digitalcollections.nypl.org/collections/cigarette-cards  is a vast collection of cigarette cards and ephemeral items, pretty much all digitised front and back, and it was the collection of just one man, George Arents Jr., who collected everything to do with the story of tobacco and cigarettes, and bequeathed it to the library when he died in 1960.

George Arents Jr. was born in 1875, and tobacco was in his blood, for his uncle was none other than Major Lewis Ginter, who became a partner in the firm of Allen and Ginter in the year that George was born. And Allen and Ginter were one of the first tobacco firms to distribute cigarette cards inside their packets. In 1890 they became part of the American Tobacco Company, and George Arents Jr. would even work there. 



Dinosaur Cards - https://www.dinofan.com/Collectibles/ByCategory/ByCategoryMenu.aspx

Flag Cards - https://www.flagmakers.co.uk/info/flag-memorabilia-collectables/cigarette-trade-cards-portraying-national-flags-emblems/

Football Cards - http://cartophilic-info-exch.blogspot.co.uk/


Kensitas Silks - http://www.kensitas-silkflowers.co.uk/

Pinnace Football - https://pinnacecards.wordpress.com/


Baines Shields - http://www.ldcauctions.com/Baines1.html

Brooke Bond - http://www.teacards.com

Cereal Giveaways - http://www.cerealoffers.com/

Pokémon Cards - http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Main_Page

Reward Cards - http://www.mernick.org.uk/attendance/rewardcards/rewardcards.htm

YoYo Bear cards - http://yoyobearcards.co.uk

Liebigs - https://www.chromo.be/

All Chromos - http://www.cartolino.com/