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We hope these weblinks will amuse, educate, and entertain you. If you find any broken links, please tell us, and we will fetch the toolbox. And if there are any other sites you know of, please tell us, so that we can add them. Thanks to everyone who sent these in - keep them coming! And thanks for your suggestion to have the site name as a direct, clickable link, followed by the link address in full, so if you cannot click the link for any reason, you can still access the site by typing the address in your search engine. 

These links are all correct as of 1 July 2023. 

P521-290 A4 : P50-45 4B :  [tobacco : UK] Godfrey Phillips `Pinnace` "Footballers (1922) card 1615

⇔  Godfrey Phillips "Pinnace Footballers" at  https://pinnacecards.wordpress.com/

All collectors must visit is this site, which contains every one of the 2462 basic small photographic images, plus variations, of single players and teams from English, Scottish and Welsh teams, plus Rugby football. It also includes a history of the cards, which were first issued in the early 1920s, plus special sections on the original advertising, and the official albums. 

Kensitas silk Flowers

⇔  Wix / Kensitas Silks at http://www.kensitas-silkflowers.co.uk/  tells us that these woven flower silks were issued with tins and packets of Kensitas Cigarettes in the 1930s. This site is a wonderful resource with over three hundred silks now illustrated, the small, the medium, and the postcard size.There are also examples of the original albums, and a list of all known colour and design variations, plus a comparison section for Turmac silk flowers.


[trade : UK] Brooke Bond "Inventors & Inventions" (1975) 50/50

If you were born in the 1950s right up to the 1990s you will definitely remember collecting Brooke Bond Tea cards straight from the packet- and if so these sites will bring back many happy memories ...



Weeties "Popular Film Stars"

Cereal Giveaways - at -  http://www.cerealoffers.com/

This site hopes to become the greatest resource of cereal collectables. Popped over yet? 



European Chromos :

liebig villas new

Au Bon Marche -

Liebigs – https://www.chromo.be/

General Chromos –





Guerin Boutron

Guerin Boutron  - 


This is a site devoted to all manner of chocolate manufacturers, but the section this links to includes several pages of cards, though only fronts, which you can enlarge by clicking. 


This is an online catalogue, from which cards may be purchased. However it is also a very good way to find sets because almost all of the sets have at least one picture

Any Society Member who organises fairs and markets, or stalls out on however irregular a basis is encouraged to let us know when your next one is on - and we will happily include a little note in here completely free of charge. 

tim davidson

Tim Davidson  – http://www.timdavidsonauctions.co.uk  are based in Nottingham, have been in business many years, and always have a good range of cards with many rarities. They also auction sporting and film memorabilia. We add a direct link to each auction on our front page a week before each.
They also sponsor our Annual Golf Tournament, held around the time of the Convention.On which note, if you played, or can add anything, please get in touch! 

lockdales advert

Lockdales Auctions - www.lockdales.com
Based in Martlesham near Ipswich, Lockdales have regular sales of cigarette and trade cards as well as sales of other specialist items. They also travel the country hosting regular valuation days, a calendar of which is on their website. They have always been based in this area, they started out as coin dealers, and decided to start an auction, which was so successful that the coin shop was closed and they became full time auctioneers. Again we publicise their card auctions in advance on our front page.

Lodden Auctions Ltd advertisement

Loddon Auctions Ltd - www.loddonauctions.co.uk
Based in Arborfield, near Reading, Loddon Auctions specialise entirely in selling cigarette and trade cards, postcards, and ephemera, plus film and sporting memorabilia. They also have a page which shows prices realised from former auctions which is very useful for research purposes. Again we publicise their cigarette card auctions in advance on our front page.

JS Cards advertisement

JS Cards http://www.cigarettecards.org 
John Shaw is a dealer at most card fairs across this country, and he has a huge stock of cards, something for everyone, from very early tobacco ephemera, continental trade, cigarette cards of all dates and all countries worldwide, and he deals in sets and types. His stock constantly changes so his website is always worth a visit. He has been in business since 2008.


Ogden Guinea Gold - Gallaher`s Factory

 ⇔ Grace`s Guide at  https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Main_Page  or more correctly, Grace's Guide to British Industrial History, is a really useful one as it gives biographies of companies, so if you collect trade cards and ephemera you will find a lot of information here. They have also digitised many early magazines and guides, starting from 1833, and you can download those as PDFs, though they do charge for this. And as this is a continually updating site, they are always looking for volunteers to send in any information to add to their records. 

ZJ02-390 : ZJ2-26 : H.114 [tobacco : UK] Anonymous “Flags of Nations” untitled (pre 1905) Un/30

⇔  New York Public Library   at   https://digitalcollections.nypl.org/collections/cigarette-cards  is a vast collection of cigarette cards and ephemeral items, digitised front and back, and it was the collection of one man, who collected everything to do with tobacco and cigarettes, and bequeathed it to the library on his death in 1960. George Arents Jr. was born in 1875, and tobacco was in his blood, his uncle being Major Lewis Ginter, who, in the year George was born, became a partner in the firm of Allen and Ginter, one of the first tobacco firms to issue cigarette cards inside their packets. In 1890 they became part of the American Tobacco Company, and George Arents Jr. even worked there. 

W675-630 : W62-383 : RB.3/64 : RB.21/200-64C [tobacco : UK] Wills United Service Cigarettes “Flag Girls of all Nations” Un/25

⇔ Flag Cards - at - https://www.flagmakers.co.uk/info/flag-memorabilia-collectables/cigarette-trade-cards-portraying-national-flags-emblems/

This site deserves a mention for they are a commercial flagmakers that have devoted a page of their website to cards. So if you are looking for a flag, do please ask here first by way of thanks! And don`t forget to mention their flag card page.

Panini "World Cup Story"

⇔ Football Cards at http://cartophilic-info-exch.blogspot.co.uk/

Our readers rate this website very highly, for it aims to include every football card that has ever been issued, from the very earliest tobacco card of the 1880s right up to the most recent images of the 2022 World Cup, and in addition cover items of all sorts, silks, stickers, advertising cards etc.

There are also checklists of many sets and, as a real bonus, details of all the sets of general interest where just one card within it shows a footballer! An amazing site.


Wills "United Service" cigarette packet

⇔  The Cigarette Packet Collectors Club of Great Britain  at  http://cigarettepacket.com/  is very close to us in many ways, not just because the cards we collect started out in a packet of some kind, and seeing those definitely adds knowledge and interest, but because it was founded in the late 1970s by one of our members, Nat Chait, who not only ran Nathan`s Pipe Shop, 60 Hill Rise, in Richmond, but also started The Bees, a Middlesex Branch of the Cartophilic Society in the 1980s. 
They meet in London twice a year, and have a printed magazine, as well as their very interesting website which includes a very useful gallery of packets. 

Card Scene 45

⇔  The Card Scene  at  https://thecardscene.weebly.com/  is a fun and vibrant website to accompany their very popular printed A4 magazine. This is their latest cover. Check out their blog for how to order. Their "scene" covers all kinds of cards, stickers and other ephemera. A recent edition was devoted to George Best, whilst another lamented the state of our "Planet in Peril"

A & B.C. Gum "Flags"

⇔  The Australian Cartophilic Society  at  http://www.australiancartophilic.org.au  started in 1968. They hold regular card fairs, meetings including a Christmas event, run a postal auction, bookshop and a library, as well as produce a newsletter. Their members collect all ephemera, not just cigarette and trade cards. And best of all they allow overseas memberships


Ogdens "British Trees & Their Uses"

 ⇔ The Cartophilic Society of New Zealand Inc. at https://www.cardcollectors.org.nz were formed in 1975. They have regular meetings at Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, and also a two day National Card Convention and Annual General Meeting. An interesting fact is that Trade cards actually appeared before cigarette cards in New Zealand. 
They offer a quarterly magazine called "Cardlines", postal auctions, and they have a library. And they also allow overseas memberships - with either a printed or virtual magazine. 



Dinosaur Cards - https://www.dinofan.com/Collectibles/ByCategory/ByCategoryMenu.aspx

Baines Shields - http://www.ldcauctions.com/Baines1.html

Pokémon Cards - http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Main_Page

Reward Cards - http://www.mernick.org.uk/attendance/rewardcards/rewardcards.htm

YoYo Bear cards - http://yoyobearcards.co.uk