The CSGB aims to promote card collecting in all its forms and is always happy to welcome those new to cartophily. The information in this section provides a history of card collecting and offers guidance to new collectors via our FAQs.

Remember we are here to help! So, whether you’re new to the hobby or not, if you have any questions or need advice on anything card related, please contact us.

Cartophily: an introduction

A Victorian Trade issue from  J. C. Wahl Shoemakers, shows a trade being advertised with no illustration of the product itself. How did card collecting begin? Find out here ...

Collecting FAQs

A magnifying glass focuses on the words 'Frequently asked Questions'. our Little Library of Helpful Hints on Card Collecting

Card grading guide

A close-up of a selection of cigarette cards relating to flags and nations. View our official card grading guide for details on how to categorise the condition of your cards.