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1st August 2022

A.M. Rundle

Aylmer Maurice Rundle was born on January 16th 1902 in Burma, and brought up in Jersey, part of the Channel Islands, but his father, Cubitt Sindall Rundle, had been born in Calcutta, India some tim
The word 'Blog' is spelt out on a typewriter.
1st August 2022

Whats New ?

A spot of card chatter, kind of like a cross between a modern blog and a vintage diary, and primarily designed to keep you in the loop with what we are doing and what is going on.
Duke "Coins of All Nations"
21st July 2022

P for Peruvian Cartophilic Society

  Some of our readers might be amazed by what I am going to tell you but in the 1950s there was a Cartophilic Society in Peru. 
HOU-190 [trade : UK] Van Houten “Chinese Scenes” (A) (1908) Un/7
4th July 2022

V for Van Houten

Many thanks to Patrick Marks for scanning these cards from his collection, 
10.105 - Cartophilic World May June 1953 - cover
3rd June 2022

J for Jubilee

  Congratulations to Her Majesty the Queen on her Platinum Jubilee  Our Cartophilic Celebration will continue, adding in several of our own personal treasures, but let us
16th May 2022

W for Women`s Football

The first recorded football match between women was in 1894, and since then the sport has come on in lea
Wills britains Part in the War
25th April 2022


Today we salute ANZAC troops of all wars and conflicts. 
Drapkin Cinematograph
23rd March 2022

D for Drapkin

And now a correction, because we have had an email from Ian Irvine saying that the Smith's card was not the earliest cartophilic portrait of Miss Mary Pickford, for she appears in Major Drapkin's "
Hill Spinet House
3rd January 2022

W for Wong Liu-Tsong

Today saw the birthday of the first truly internationally famous Chinese-American film star, Wong Liu-Tsong. You may not immediately recognise her name, for she used another, namely Anna May Wong.
14th November 2021

Cartophilists at War

Our latest section, telling the story of cartophily, and cartophilists, during the Second World War.
taddy trio
4th September 2021

T for "TADDY"

This is an article which won The Cartophilic Cup, and we are delighted to be able to reproduce it here.  
A tinted black and white profile photograph of Mary Pickford.
8th April 2021

A tribute to Mary Pickford

Mary Pickford was a legendary figure in early cinema and featured on many card issues. This article explores her life and cartophilic connections.
A cigarette card from the Thomson & Porteous 'V.C. Heroes' set of 1916.
1st September 2020

Victoria Cross archive

A once in a lifetime opportunity came up late in August at a Bonhams Military Auction: the chance to buy the archive of a man called H. A. Forbes... and Mr. Forbes made Victoria Crosses.
Card showing Evelyn Lintott of Leeds City, who was killed in 2016.
11th November 2019

Football’s fallen heroes of WW1

A cartophilic tribute to some of the footballers that lost their lives in WW1.
Donald Simpson Bell VC, from a set issued by  J Lees in 1912.
8th November 2019

A passion for military and football cards

We all collect our cards, but how much do we look into the card subject itself?
A Taddy 'Clown' card in damaged condition
1st September 2018

A surprise purchase in Hong Kong

An unexpected surprise awaited B. Joyce in a collectors' shop in Kowloon’s Mon Kok district of Hong Kong!
A black and white photograph of A.E. Cherry, the founder of the Cameric Club.
9th February 2015

A. E. Cherry – the founder of the Cameric Club

An article from 1946 pays its respects to Arthur Eric Cherry, a significant figure in card collecting who lost his life in WW2.