RB9 - Lambert & Butler


RB.9 – The Cigarette Card Issues of Lambert & Butler

Editor  – Edward Wharton-Tigar
Printer – not stated
Date of Completion – January 1948
Date of Publication – 1948
Limited Edition of -  400
Original cost –  5/-
Pages – 32
Illustrations – 25
Number of cards shown – 25 
Out of Print by –

This Reference Book was the first to be written by Edward Wharton-Tigar, our new editor, and it was published in 1948 as a limited edition of 400 copies. No printer appears on the original book.

One of the most interesting things about this volume is that it contains this long list of books already issued, plus the Churchman which had not yet been - and a list of books to come...

RB.9 listing

Sadly the majority of these never appeared. The ones that did were only those with the asterisks, stated to be earmarked for 1948 - Ogden, Godfrey Phillips, James Taddy, Wills part two - plus the un-asterisked John Player. The rest formed the foundation of the World Tobacco Issues Index


When this later reprint was produced, the decision was made to redo the cover into a plainer green format, but all the interior text remains the same.