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.... the online home of the Cartophilic Society of Great Britain, an organisation which has been dedicated to supporting, encouraging, and promoting the hobby of cigarette and trade card collecting for almost a hundred years. And to bringing collectors together, wherever they live and whatever sort of cards they collect. 

On this website you can find out about us and our activities, discover more about our Card World, and explore our ever growing archives. A free newsletter is uploaded every Saturday morning too

  • 2005 Convention Commemorative Card

    Regional Events

    Here`s where we`re heading next :

    Sunday August 14th - Hants & Surrey from 10 am - 4 pm at Normandy Village Hall, GU3 2DD

    Friday August 19th -  North West from 4 - 8 pm at Barton Village Hall PR3 5AA

  • AAB-040.1a,b [trade : UK] A & B.C. Gum "Batman" (1966) 40/55

    What`s New?

    Let's get ready for some August Action.

    Two new projects will leap into action asap, the newsletter index / card gallery - and the digitisation of parts of our magazine archive. 

    On which "note" does anyone out there have a volume four of "Cartophilic Notes & News" magazine (no.37 January/February 1971 to no.48 November/December 1972)  for sale at a reasonable price.? If so please e-mail me at webmaster@card-world.co.uk  - thanks 👋

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A close-up of a selection of cigarette cards relating to flags and nations. This website is a chance for everyone to find out about us, whether they collect cards or not. However if you are a card collector, joining our Society gives you so much more.

What's going on?

views from the regions here are the dates and locations of all our events. There is sure to be one near you, so why not pop along! We look forward to meeting you.

News and updates

8th August 2022
This week`s theme
Monday night again, and time to talk about another theme, as hinted at by our three cartophilic clue cards. This week we are off to the mountains, because Mountain Day will be celebrated in Japan on August the 11th.
1st August 2022
Whats New ?
A spot of card chatter, kind of like a cross between a modern blog and a vintage diary, and primarily designed to keep you in the loop with what we are doing and what is going on.
31st July 2022
Around the Auctions
here`s an unusual original watercolour for Players Uniforms of the Territorial Army in a timed auction in Shrewsbury ending 2nd of August - and it fits with the monogram bottom left. Glad they fixed the typo on the drawing though!
Latest newsletter:
6th August 2022
welcome to another week, and can you believe a whole year has gone by since we re-jigged this site. That ought to spur me on to getting on with that index, and to preventing the same old cards coming round on the conveyor belt....

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Thanks for your patience whilst I tried to teach myself a new computer - quite a task when nothing is in the same place as before or works the same way. We did get seven cards up though, and next week will be better .... hopefully

All Cards of the Day appear in our weekly newsletter, which is usually available every Saturday morning but might be a bit sparse again this week....

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W675-192 : W62-153 : W/250 [tobacco ; UK] W.D. & H.O. Wills "The King`s Art Treasures" large size (June 1938) 11/25