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16th August 2022
Our next postal auction
I hope everyone enjoyed the Convention, it was great to be able to meet up again albeit only 6 months since Salisbury. I would like to thank everyone who helped with the auction on the day. We
15th August 2022
This week`s theme
Monday night again, and time to talk about another theme, as hinted at by our three cartophilic clue cards.
11th August 2022
Tim Davidson Auctions
Catalogue for the next auction of Cigarette & Trade Cards, Ephemera and sporting memorabilia is now online
1st August 2022
Whats New ?
A spot of card chatter, kind of like a cross between a modern blog and a vintage diary, and primarily designed to keep you in the loop with what we are doing and what is going on.
31st July 2022
Around the Auctions
here`s an unusual original watercolour for Players Uniforms of the Territorial Army in a timed auction in Shrewsbury ending 2nd of August - and it fits with the monogram bottom left. Glad they fixed the typo on the drawing though!
31st July 2022
Free Antique Fair Tickets
The Cotswolds Antiques, Decorative and Art Fair in Tetbury, Gloucestershire on the 12th - 14th August 2022 - and - The Chester Decorative, Antiques & Art Fair at Chester Racecourse on the 7th - 9th October 2022. No guarantee of seeing any cards, but its always fun to wander round for free. Full details on the main site
21st July 2022
P for Peruvian Cartophilic Society
  Some of our readers might be amazed by what I am going to tell you but in the 1950s there was a Cartophilic Society in Peru. 
21st July 2022
Lockdales Auction
Prices realised from the three day auction 20th to 21st july are now online
21st July 2022
Loddon Auctions
Prices realised are now online from their three day auction of 19-21 July
3rd June 2022
J for Jubilee
  Congratulations to Her Majesty the Queen on her Platinum Jubilee  Our Cartophilic Celebration will continue, adding in several of our own personal treasures, but let us start with this most unusual cover.
29th May 2022
web links
Yes, this popular page is coming back! So please let us know of your favourite cartophilic sites ....
26th May 2022
Pokemon News
Great Giveaway, Coming Cards, etc....
25th April 2022
Today we salute ANZAC troops of all wars and conflicts. 
21st March 2022
Happy Birthday
to East Anglian Card Collectors Club, which started on 21 March 1970
1st March 2022
Breaking Auction News
Just in case you were wondering about our recent sale here are the two most successful lots!
4th February 2022
So did you ..... ?
swap football stickers at Portman Road, Ipswich, back in 2002 ? If so you may be featured here
3rd January 2022
W for Wong Liu-Tsong
Today saw the birthday of the first truly internationally famous Chinese-American film star, Wong Liu-Tsong. You may not immediately recognise her name, for she used another, namely Anna May Wong.
26th December 2021
Practically all of our books are now listed, and ready for one click secure purchase - reviews and histories are being added - and many of the update files for our most important volumes are also on site for you to download.
12th December 2021
Welcome to Christmas
our newest section, tracing the story of the festive season through vintage volumes of our magazine
11th December 2021
We are starting to get some 2022 Branch and Club meeting dates coming through. If yours is missing, send it along to - and see what we have so far at