Our Annual Golfing Challenge

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This page will be the home page for this event, which accompanies our Annual Card Convention, and is played some time the week prior, most usually the day before. It also travels around the country, teeing off at the nearest course, or any particularly unusual one in the environs to where we have located.

Now before we go too much further round, we need your memories too, so if you took part in a past event please send us in your golfing stories so we can add them here.

And if you want to be kept in the loop for the next event email :  



"Churchman "Can You Beat Bogey at St. Andrews"

The event is a very friendly one, and usually takes the format of meeting up some time before we play, time enough to allow for breakfast, most usually along the lines of a bacon butty and mug of coffee.

Once digested, we head out to the links for eighteen holes of golf.

Then, after the game is complete, and we have totted up our scores, we relocate to the club house or a local restaurant for a two course meal.

By the way, non playing partners of the golfers are welcome to join us for the meal.

And once dined, we have the presentation of the trophy.

2005 : Scarborough : 

Our Golfing Story starts here, for this event was inaugurated, as a one off event, at our Annual Convention in Scarborough in 2005.

David Stuckey, whose idea it was, presented the original trophy, which was called the ‘Card Times Golf Society’ shield, named after his magazine.

It was to primarily be a social event and, briefly it was played as "nearest the Pin’" with a Stapleford scoring system.

There have been numerous winners over the fourteen years and as many as twenty-four players.

The first winner was C.J. Brown, off a 5 handicap, I believe.

Is Mr. Brown still a reader?

2006 : Nottingham :

C. J. Brown was again the winner


2007 : Worcester :

C. J. Brown was again the winner. We banned him after this... joking... because seriously we would love to hear from him again, he was a really good golfer unlike most of us.


2014 : 

When Card Times ceased publication in 2014, Tim Davidson Auctions became the sponsor.


2019 : Wollaton Park Golf Course : Nottingham : 

Paul Lynch was the winner, on his local course. 



2020 : covid stopped play



2021 : Salisbury and South Wiltshire Golf Course : Salisbury

This year there was a new trophy, with a poignant story. Every year that Tim Davidson could not present the trophy his helpmate Julie Hale stepped up and did it. Sadly she passed away in 2021, so it was decided to initiate a new trophy in her honour and her memory, which was called the ‘Julie Hale Golf Trophy’. It was again sponsored by Tim Davidson. 

The winner this year was Colin Fawcett. 

2022 : The Whipsnade Park Golf Club : Hemel Hempstead

This year`s tournament took place on Friday the 29th of April at The Whipsnade Park Golf Club, Studham Lane, Dagnall, Berkhamstead HP4 1RH. We were competing for the Julie Hale Memorial Golf Trophy, sponsored by Tim Davidson Auctions, and last year`s champion Colin Fawcett was defending his trophy, but secretly hoping to take it home again. The cost this year was just £50 per head for golfers.