New Issues

This page is for you to notify us of any new issues that you may find on your travels, see in magazines or on tv, or read of online. A scan would be useful but the main purpose of this section is for other collectors to hear about cards and stickers they can go out and collect at source, or send away for. With that in mind the most important information is whereabouts the cards can be found or bought, and the subject they cover. We can fill the rest in later. And we would also like to hear of commercial cards, i.e. ones which are not given away with a commodity, but have to be bought. 

29 September - A. Marks [commercial] has produced 12 sets of 20 cards in colour. The subjects are Lorries first and second series, Buses, Trains first and second series, Ships, Town Signs, Piers, Shelters, Post Boxes first and second series, Phone Boxes. All sets cost £4 including postage and are available on eBay via
Further series in preparation are Signal Boxes, Norfolk Churches, and Road Names with a possible second series of Buses. 

2 September - Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel “Heroes” cards have been spotted at Sainsburys Supermarkets and local stores by one of our roving reporters. This year the theme mixes looking after our Planet with looking after ourselves and eating healthier foods The cards end on the 12th of October. There are 144 cards in the set. To get them the easiest way is to spend £10 in store or online, though “booster packs” are available at 50p, and free packs will be given away with specially selected shopping items on a rotating basis. The special ‘On a Mission’ album costs £2.50 and includes two free packs of cards, four cards in each.