A number of old books from the CSGB library.

Since we first started writing our reference books and publishing our magazines we have been keeping a copy of every one for the future. Even when wartime restrictions meant we could only produce our magazines to order we still managed to print one for the library. In later years, we have added to things by way of donations and purchases to cover books by other writers, and on subjects as diverse as cigarette packets, football cards, gum cards, postcards, and coffee-table style visual masterpieces, which truly demonstrate what a wonderful world the card world is.

Our library is an amazing and enviable resource which is available for use by members, non-members, the press and archivists. If you are not a current member of our society, but are working on a piece which does, or could, involve cards and would like to hear more, please email our librarian at:

If you do fall in love with one of our own works, please don’t forget we also have a bookshop retailing all our current volumes. And members can advertise in our magazine for copies of older versions of our works, or for card related publications by other writers.

CSGB members can borrow up to two items from our library at a time. Loan requests should be made to

Our books are loaned for one month at a time. Extension can be arranged by email the address above, but, as in all libraries, this depends on whether the book has been requested by another member.

Loaned books will come with a CSGB loan form, plus a return address label. Please keep the packaging safe as you will need to refund that postage and return the form when you return the book. To safeguard our stocks, recorded delivery postage must be used when returning books. Cheques are to be made out to CSGB, or we will accept the equivalent in postage stamps by prior arrangement.

Please note that if any book or item is lost, destroyed or damaged whilst in your possession you will be liable to pay compensation (amount decided by the Council). In order to preserve rarer, earlier, or larger books, the Librarian may agree, and sometimes prefer, to search for and provide information rather than loaning the publication. However, the member must understand such a request may take longer to accomplish.

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Ref. Sort descending Title Author(s) Year Edition Publisher Notes Admin
B28 Bataille / Bouillon-Rivoyre / Hutinet Wharton-Tigar, E. C. 1973

Cont. Cat. by Printers, Sec.8

B33 Bill's Bulletin, Vol.1 Wareham, Bill 1958

Journal, Aug.1957 - Aug.1958

B44 Bognard, F Wharton-Tigar, E. C. 1971 Printers, Sec.3

B50 Bon Marché Thysebaert

Alain Bon Marché Images etc.

B52 Bon Marché - Catalogue

Boucicaut Catalogue of Images Boucicaut

B55 Bookmarkers, Collecting Coysh, A. W. 1974 Bookmarkers David & Charles

History of Pictorial

B60 A Notebook of boy scouts & girl guides Marsh E. 2005 E. Marsh

Additions to 2nd edition

B63 BAT Chinese sundry back issues Owyang, Dennis Owyang, Dennis

Ultimate Guide

B65 British Cigarette Card Issues, Part 1 Bagnall / Wharton-Tigar 1950 LCCC

Ltd Card Issues, 1888-1919

B66 British Cigarette Card Issues, Part 11 Bagnall / Wharton-Tigar 1954 LCCC

Ltd Card issues 1920-1940

B71 British Trade Index Wharton-Tigar, E. C. 1962 1st CSGB

Cartophilic Ref. Book No.25

B78 British-American Tob. Co. Wharton-Tigar, E. C. 1952 CSGB

Ltd Cartophilic Ref. Book No.21

B79 British-American Tob. Co. lndex Wharton-Tigar, E. C. 1952 1st CSGB

Cartophilic Soc. Ref. Book No. 21

B80 British-American Tob. Co. Chinese Sundry Back Issues - the ultimate guide Owyang, D., Payne G., Smith M. 2007 Owyang, Dennis

Illustrated guide

B85 Brooke Bond Picture Cards Harrison, John 1975 5th Brooke Bond

Official Listing of Cards

B88 Bulletin, The, Nos.1-43 1943 Journal CSGB


B89 Bulletin, The, Nos.1-43 1943 Journal, CSGB


B90 Bulletin, The C.W. 1939-1947 1947 Journal CSGB


B94 Burning Bright Wharton-Tigar, E. C. 1987 1st Metal Bulletin

Autobiography of former President

C001 Calciatori (1976-1977) Panini, Franco 2004

Illustrated guide Gazzetta dello sport