Newsletter - 2021-10-03

This may be the last ever newsletter in its present form, but fear not, like a Phoenix it is about to be reborn, bigger and brighter than before, and best of all it will be way easier for you all to take part in building it. Since the last time you all gathered together at an actual physical Cartophilic Convention, and I slid into this chair, it has just been me talking about things I like, but now we want to hear what you will be celebrating over the next month, and what your own card-world is like. And to join in and share your own card images….

So let us go and have our final chatter about the events that are coming up next week. And I hope you like them too. Thank you for listening, and commenting, and just for tuning in.

And there we must close our pages for this week. The number of days to our Convention in Salisbury have just hit the magic seven. As dogs are not allowed in to the Leisure Centre at Salisbury, and it seems a long way to drive for us to just have to sit in the car outside, to say nothing of the current petrol situation which seems to have no sign of ending. However I will try to find a way to make my presence felt as a true webmaster ought, flying through thin air and landing in your pocket. We are also working on a way to create a live Twitter feed for the event. So watch this space, watch your social media, and watch our website.