Newsletter - 2021-12-11

welcome to another week! Not long now before hoofprints appear on your snow filled roof and all is peaceful, hopefully, for just one day. 

As of today we start our Christmas festivities, so the cards of the day will all be Christmas related, though there will still be a loose theme to ponder over.

We hope you have enjoyed this year and also that you will keep tuning in next year, especially if the predictions of gloom and return to mask wearing and working from home force us back into our burrows again to glimpse at the sun and the moon passing over through a small opening at the end of the runnel, but slowly forget what it is like to feel the wind in our hair and the sun at our backs, and to be close to other people.

Surely we are not born to be shut away. 

And now to brighter things, to occupy us through the coming week.

well that`s it, time has chimed and I must not add more. 

see you all next week for more fun, frivolity, and festiveness....and if you missed last week`s newsletter, it still online HERE