Newsletter - 2021-12-25

Welcome to Christmas, and to our last newsletter of 2021.

Well a lot has been going on over this week, which has led to a slightly smaller newsletter, but as an early Christmas present, these “goings on” have included the re-opening of our bookshop, with practically every book now listed (the rest will be done over the weekend) and all of them are ready for immediate, one click purchase, via PayPal and several other electronic means.

Even better, many of our amendment files are back, and are ready for you to either read online, or download on to your own systems.

We could use a spot of assistance from you in scanning some of the missing covers, especially our North American book, and any missing ones of the green covered “reprint” versions of our original 1940s and 1950s checklists, simply because I only have those originals. Many thanks in advance.

And we remain unsure how to tackle photographing the books which have plain covers, ones like Phillips, and Wills, and all the modern tobacco and trade indexes. One thought is to photograph the spines and part of the covers, whilst another is to photograph the inside frontispiece. However your ideas are most welcome, as are reviews of any of the books, it all helps to describe them to intending buyers.

Now to what will be going on this week and it does have a rather festive flavour, but why not....

And there, dear readers, I must close, or Santa will hear typing and not come in. The bells of Midnight Mass are also striking, sadly my local church is not off across the wintry fields, but just a few turnings away through residential streets, though there is a small stream that runs beside it, and across the road is large area of open space which was recently converted into a wetland centre. There is something magical about hearing bells on Christmas Eve, it is definitely a call to action, even if that action is only to consider what you can do to improve the lives of others in this new coming year, when we are given a blank slate and our past seems washed away. For next time I write, it will be 2022.


Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to you, and to all of whom you love. And if you enjoy our newsletters, we are very happy. I may sometimes have spells of panic when I realise how little time I have left to finish them, but I much enjoy the researching, and the reading and re-reading of my beloved vintage magazines. If you also enjoy, then the best thing you can do is to please tell all your collector friends to pop along and tune in, every Saturday morning. They are freely given for all to read, in the hope that one of the sparks we set afire may shoot off into the atmosphere and its particles serve to inspire and to illuminate a brand new collector. For without those, we, and our collections, will be lost....