Newsletter - 2022-01-01

Welcome to a whole New Year – and I hope that I will be uploading this just as the Westminster Clock on the top of the Big Ben Tower chimes the first ever hour of 2022. For wherever you are in the country, or indeed the world, that is one of the enduring icons of any New Year.

Let us hope for a few things, but be pleased to get just one, that you will all do your part in promoting our wonderful hobby, simply by telling your friends about it, or by passing on the link to our site. Recently a phrase has come into usage, and it is a very good one, “You can`t be what you can`t see”. It actually refers to everyone being able to see someone who looks like them, doing a job, or having a hobby, that they would like to do but might not think they could. If one person can do it, suddenly another`s heart soars with possibilities. But it applies equally to collecting, for if you never see a card, you will never own one, and if you never own one you will never start to look for more, and more. Our mission is to show off our cards as much as we can, and as we all collect different things, what a wonderful tapestry we will be able to create. So next time you twitter, or add a facebook entry, why not write about a card and add a picture? Any card will do, and front and back would be best of all. Use #cartophily, if only to save me being the only one who ever does, and let us take it as our call sign and our rallying cry. Post frequently, have fun, and let 2022 be the year that we spread our word right across the web.

So what shall we celebrate this week? Well lets start with New Year`s Day . . .

well all that remains is to say a very 

H A P P Y     N E W     Y E A R  
T O    A L L    O U R    P A L S

. . . . . . . .and to remind you to pop back again next week!