Newsletter - 2022-06-04

June already, half way through the year and still no offers of pantomime. Well I hope those of you who attended any events for the Jubilee took lots of pictures, and that you will write the details on the back of each one so that they might be discovered in years to come and not be so troublesome as the lovely but anonymous and unidentified photos we so often find today.

If you have time and are not too tired, we have a Jubilee Celebration going on online with some clippings from our 1952 and 1953 magazines. It is hoped that this will be continually updated, like our other blog posts. You will find it at

So what else can we interest you in? 

Well, we almost made it by midnight! Just got to add the last few pictures and find tomorrow`s card of the day, and the subject, and add a few more bits to the Jubilee, and ..... zzzzzzz

See you all next week -  around midnight