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Welcome to the Northampton Home Page 

Breaking News : Northampton now have their own website, which gives their meeting dates, location, and contact details and also gives you the gen on their visiting dealers. You can find it at

They also tell us that their featured club meeting on the 8th of May has been cancelled, due to the King's coronation.


Northampton and District Cigarette Card Club meet at the Weston Favell Parish Hall, Booth Lane South, Northampton, NN3 3EP every first Monday in the month,from 6 - 9 pm unless its Bank Holiday (on Bank Holiday weeks they move the meeting to the second Monday of the month). They aim to have one visiting dealer at each meeting. 

Our meeting in November 2022 had John Taylor as visiting dealer. And it was quite a successful night. Although we as a club are still struggling to get numbers up to former levels pre-covid we had a couple of new visitors come up from London so  turnout was quite good. We have a large car park and the hall is quite spacious so all our members currently get a table to sit at & sort cards at their leisure. Teas & biscuits are supplied by our fantastic husband and wife catering team and members dogs receive a lot of admiring attention from all concerned. Our member's interests also include stamps and model trains so there's always a varied conversation to be had.    Regards Glyn Roberts

Our calendar for 2023 is : February the 6th, March the 6th, April the 3rd, (no May event, see above), June the 5th, July the 3rd, August the 7th, September the 4th, October the 2nd, November the 6th and December the 4th. 


Our story seems to begin in the late 1980s, when we are recorded as meeting every third Thursday of the month, from 6.30 p.m., at Spencer Dallington Community Centre in Tintern Avenue, Northampton. And we moved from being an Affiliated Club to a Branch some time between 2002 and 2004.