Card of the Day - 2022-02-19

P521-290 A4 : P50-45 4B :  [tobacco : UK] Godfrey Phillips `Pinnace` "Footballers (1922) card 1615
Godfrey Phillips `Pinnace` brand [tobacco : UK] "Footballers" - single line oblong `Pinnace` Photos with label (1922-1924) card 1615 - P521-290.A.4 : P50-45.4.B

This is W. Cotton, or William Charles Cotton (10 April 1894 – 1971), who was born in Liverpool, and was usually known as Billy Cotton. Wrexham, as on this card, was his third team and he played there between 1921 and 1924. You can read more about him at wikipedia 

Now when this appeared we asked if anyone out there knew the story behind these small white team name labels that often appear on the back of these non-team named cards? We had a reply from CardhawkUK; he has seen lots of these cards with the added strips, and whilst he is not sure there will ever be a definite answer to where the paper strips came from, his opinion is that they were stuck on by the producers, prior to the cards being issued in packets, basing this on the fact that they only seem to appear on cards with the “single-line oblong” back (the last of the 4 variants of backs), whereas if they had been issued for people to stick on the cards all by themselves, it is hard to imagine that they would not have appeared on all variants of the backs. Even then there are some of this series which do have the stickers, some which do not, and some which have the wrong stickers so the player is attributed to the incorrect team. He doesn`t think we will ever be able to say 100%, but all the evidence points to something done at the production stage.

If anyone else has anything to add, please do. 
Our clue word here was cotton, celebrating Fairtrade Cotton. Like all schemes run by Fairtrade, the emphasis is on sustainability during all stages of production. There are over twenty producers of Fairtrade cotton, and you can read some fascinating facts at their website