Card of the Day - 2022-03-24

Panini Royal Family
Panini [trade/commercial : cards/stickers : O/S : Italy] "The Royal Family" (1991) 33/210

This is the Queen Mother that we immediately think of when we hear the name, though in time she too will become as distant to future readers as Queen Mary is to us.

Her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II, never did take her turn at becoming the Queen Mother, which in many ways was very sad, because such a title not only holds the promise of remaining as a beloved elderly lady in the public eye, but it lets you step away from all the pomp and circumstance that must become so tiring as you age.

This set is one of two "Royal Family" sets by Panini, the first was issued in 1988 and the second in 1991. Both have gold borders, but the cards are different. You will find checklists online at LastSticker/Royal1988 and LastSticker/Royal1991

Special albums were issued for both, the earlier having Prince William as a toddler centre stage whilst his brother Harry is a babe in his mother`s arms. Our set shows the balcony at Buckingham Palace and it is a sobering thought to realise that only King Charles and his two sons are left alive out of the seven people pictured.