Card of the Day - 2022-04-25

LYO-200 : LYO-16 [trade : UK] J. Lyons “Famous People” (1962) 12/48
J. Lyons [trade : UK] “Famous People” (1962) 12/48 - LYO-200 : LYO-16

This dancer was born Margaret Evelyn Hookham in May 1918 in Reigate, Surrey, but you know her better as Margot Fonteyn, as it says on this card. That was her stage name, and when she married Roberto Emilio Arias, the former Panamanian ambassador to Great Britain, she took Fonteyn Arias as her married surname. She was made a CBE in 1951 and a Dame in 1956.

Lyons had a lot of products, including tea and cereal but this set was actually issued with Lyons Maid ice cream, and it had a special album.

There are two printings but they are not easy to tell apart, the difference is that the panel on the front is either 29 m/m or 33 m/m. 

This set was also issued in Ireland by John O. Barker of Black Rock, Dublin, with bubble gum. These were issued in 1970 and are larger cards, measuring 98 x 51 m/m. And an album was issued for this set as well.