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W675-180.A : W62-142.A: W/226 [tobacco : UK] W.D. & H.O. Wills "Garden Hints" (January 1938) 31/50
W.D. & H.O. Wills [tobacco : UK] "Garden Hints" (January 1938) 31/50 - W675-180.A : W62-142.A: W/226

According to YouGov, 99% of people knew a potato when shown one, and it was the most popular vegetable with 90% of those asked.

Potatoes are the unsung heroes of a vegetarian diet, though actually potatoes plainly cooked with no butter are vegan; it is the topping that converts them to the other side. They are also high in carbohydrates, Vitamins C and B6, and potassium. 

This set was also issued in Ireland (same codes as above but followed by b) and in the Channel Islands (for which the code in our latest World Tobacco Issues Index is W675-710).  and the Irish version is almost the same except there is no price given for the album, and the Channel Islands version has no mention of album nor Imperial Tobacco. 

The "A" in our code is for the Home issue, which mentions the Imperial Tobacco Company, and has an album clause at the top giving the price of one penny. Then there is an Irish version, with a "B" suffix, which has the clause but no price is quoted for the album. There is also a "C" in the original Wills Reference Booklet part IV, this was a Channel Islands issue, and had simply the frameline without mentioning either the I.T.C. or the album.

The potato is one of the easiest items to grow, and does not require a garden. The next time you forget to eat the one at the bottom of the potato barrel, and it has grown shoots, get a bucket and put some soil in it, burying the potato in the bucket, then wait for the green leaves to come out of the soil and bury them in more soil. Eventually the leaves will start to turn yellow, and then you can harvest, for the roots will carry small versions of the potato you planted. And next year you will want to do it all again!

By the way proper gardeners say you should only leave two or three green shoots and rub any others off. But that takes a harder heart than mine, who hates to see any form of effort going unrewarded.