Card of the Day - 2022-08-24

John Player "Gems of British Scenery"
John Player [tobacco : UK] "Gems of British Scenery" (August 1917) 21/25 - P644-082 : P72-36 : P/106 (RB.17/106)

Here we have The Trossachs.

Originally just a simple and small area of woodland glen, The Trossachs have expanded to cover acres of glens and lochs to the eastern side of Ben Lomond in Stirling, Scotland, including Loch Lomond. It also includes a modern shopping centre and many opportunities for sporting activity on land and water. And despite this rural looking picture it is reasonably close to Glasgow.

The area was inhabited by prehistoric folk and their dwellings and fortifications remain. Another early visitor was Sir Walter Scott, drawn there in his mind by reading of the discovery of ancient human remains, and writing his epic poem "The Lady of The Lake" in 1810.  He also set his book "Rob Roy" along the shores of the same Lake, Katrine.