Card of the Day - 2023-03-16

Carreras Old Staffordshire Figures
Carreras Ltd [tobacco : UK] "Old Staffordshire Figures" (September 1926) 19/24 - C151-340.1.A : C18-60.1A

This is an unusual series showing pottery figurines, most of which were indeed produced in the Staffordshire area. You can read more about the potter, John Bacon, at TheChipstoneFoundation/Bacon - where he is called The Prince of Stoneware Potters.

The month of issue for this set must have been cited in the London Cigarette Card Company magazine "Cigarette Card News" for it only appears in their catalogues, along with the fact that the set was issued either as a set of twenty-four small cards or a set of twelve extra large cards. However the date would have almost certainly appeared in our Carreras Reference Book, if the plans had come to fruition. I am not sure where - perhaps there is a whole list of Carreras dates somewhere in those pages. I do know that would not have been listed as a new issue, because this set was issued in 1926, and the first ever "Cigarette Card News" was only issued in October 1933, a hundred years ago this year - little wonder that the ones I have are looking a little tired.

By the time of our original World Tobacco Issues Index, only six years after my L.C.C.C. Catalogue, things have changed. This tells us that the cards are embossed (which I hope you can see by the back, if not the front, embossing is quite hard to pick up on a scanner, for some reason - but just in case the embossing is to the figure, to make it stand out), and also numbered. Most importantly there are now three variants:

1. "A Series of 24" A) small B) large
2. "A Series of 12 - Cabinet Size

I am not sure of the size of the cabinet cards, so if anyone has one do have a measure, and let us know, please. I am not sure when the large set turned up either, maybe a Carreras specialist can tell us that too. 

This is not the end of the story either, for in our updated World Tobacco Issues Index there has been another shift, which must have turned up in the intervening years, and must be recorded somewhere, yet to find. This now lists the series as 

1. A. sm. (24)   B. Cabinet Size (1-12 as 1-12 in A.)
2. Lg (24) different subjects.