Card of the Day - 2023-07-18

A. & B.C. Flags cut-outs
A. & B.C. Gum [trade : gum : UK] "Flags of the World" - cut outs (1971) Un/73 - AAB-275 : ABF-46

This card is very relevant to this week`s theme, because it first flew at midnight on August the 15th, 1947,  at which moment Pakistan became an independent country. It was very similar to the flag before, which actually represented the Muslim League, the only difference is the white section that runs parallel to the flagpole. And I have to say that I really like the way that the name of the place is carved into the flagpole on these cards! 

When Pakistan decided to become a republic they kept the same flag, and it also did not change when half of the country split off and became Bangladesh.

I have now tracked this set down in our vintage volumes of the British Trade Index, in part III, issued in 1986. It comes under : 

Flags and Bank Notes (A). Issued 1971. 
1. Flags. 81 x 56. Flag die cut. Plain adhesive back. Unnd. (73). 
2. Banknotes. 143 x 62. Unnd. (27). See anonymous set ZG10-9-2

Now looking at this ZG10-9-2 it says "Banknotes (A). 143 x 62. The banknotes are imaginery, with names closely resembling existing countries. 17 known." There is a list, and a picture of one, but this being part III it is almost certainly too light to scan. However it does show that what they seem to have done is remove a letter or two from the country so as not to be accused of reproducing proper banknotes, because the pictured one says "Brasi" not "Brasil", and the list shows other changes namely :

Chil/Chile    -     Deutschosterreich / Germany and Austria combined ?    - Icaragu / Nicaragua
Indochi / Indochina    -   Ingonesia / Indonesia     - Jalanese / Javanese
Nabohnabanra / any idea ?     -    Paragu / Paraguay     -     Trinday / Trinidad?

The other notes have no country at all.

This seems a very long drawn out method of production and surely it would have been easier to print a thick black diagonal line across one corner. Anyway if anyone has any of these banknotes that they would like to share a scan of, front and back, please do. 

In our updated version of the British Trade Index this set is described as : 

FLAGS (A). 1971. Unnd. (73) Cut-outs. Black surround to flag. Plain adhesive back. See HA.8 

HA.8 is the handbook and it has a list of all the cards because the set is unnumbered. However as I found this listing first I did not know to look for the banknotes, though there cannot have been a link or it would have said "see" and added a "Z Code". But I will look tomorrow....