Card of the Day - 2023-09-01

Brooke Bond Asian Wildlife
Brooke Bond [trade : tea : UK] "Asian Wild Life" (September 1962) 11/50 - BRO-180 : BRM-3.A

Well if you read the above you will know why this set is here, for it is one of the many sets that have been issued in this month to come. And if you wonder on the rest just go to the first in our new series of Card Calendar blogs, which covers September

This set is listed in our British Trade Index as :

 ASIAN WILD LIFE. Sm. Nd. (50)
A. Back in blue. London Address. B.10
B. Back in magenta. Nairobi & Salisbury address SR.4

This does not mention the date. That comes in the updated version, where the text is "ASIAN WILD LIFE. 1962. Nd. (50). Also issued in Rhodesia (magenta back)". 

Neither of these mention the fact that there was an album, which cost sixpence, and a wallchart. Now I have been told that the wallcharts were only for schools, but seem to remember that you did get an option of asking for a wallchart on at least some of the order forms - unless that was a later development? 

Nor that this set was never reprinted with a black back in the 1970s.

And most of all they omit the fact that the illustrations and descriptions were by Charles Frederick Tunnicliffe O.B.E., R.A., born in 1901, and dying in 1979. And he was also involved with several of the early Brooke Bond sets including Bird Portraits, Wild Flowers, and African Birds.