Card of the Day - 2024-01-22

atlantic racing cars
Atlantic Service Stations [trade : petrol : O/S : Australia] "A Series of 64 Racing Cars" (1930) 53/64 - RB.30/AT2-8

And our last clue is this one, a Peugeot, because there is a quite amazing fact about one of the first inductees, and that was that they drove a Peugeot, not a race car, but a 306 Cabriolet, in an advertisement for that company. This may seem not so interesting but wait, because that person was Ray Charles and they had been completely blind since the age of seven.

You can see it on YouTube at

Now it appears that Atlantic Service Stations were part of an American company, called the Atlantic Refining Company, who opened their first  refinery in 1924, in the state of Victoria. entered the market in 1924 as COR opened its first refinery in Victoria. It seems that they were taken over in 1960 by Standard Oil of New Jersey, and rebranded to Esso. 

This set appears in our original Australian & New Zealand Index, (RB.30), published in 1983. The heading beneath the issuer`s name tells us that the cards were "Inscribed "For `Happy Motoring` see your Atlantic Retailer". Cards, size 76 x 51, and special albums. Issued in Australia 1958-1964"

Our set is catalogued, simply, as: 

A Series of 64 Racing Cars. Nd. 64