Card of the Day - 2024-04-01

CWS Boy Scouts
Co-Operative Wholesale Society / C.W.S. [tobacco : UK - Manchester] “Boy Scout Badges” (1939) 38/50 – C792-100 : C130-2

Now the Boy Scout "Printer" badge was quite scarce to see on a Boy Scout in real life, because it was a pretty challenging list of tasks not just the setting of the type in the frame and getting a readable image from it. Also, at that time, there were no computers for any stage of the work, everything was done by hand and by eye,

And today, where it is known as the "Graphic Arts" merit badge, it is even more complex, for it encompasses computers in their every forms, and even silk screen and three dimensional design.

This set is listed in our original World Tobacco Issues Index as :