Card of the Day - 2024-06-10

chocolat payraud children of the world
Chocolat Payraud [trade : confectionery : O/S - France] "Children of the World"  (????) Un/?

Now the clue here could well have been another child, but it was actually the globe on which this young boy stands. It also gives another meaning of play, to play an instrument, in this case the bagpipes.  

This item actually falls into two collections, for though it was issued with the chocolates, and is therefore Cartophilic, it is also considered to be a scrap, and in fact if look online you will find many of these cards with the sprues still intact (those being the little bars which held them to the frame on which they were produced and from which they were cut out. So if you are a collector of these, do make a note to have a look in the category for "scraps and scrapbooking" as well. 

Chocolat Payraud was founded in 1834 in Lyon, France. It later had premises in Geneva and a shop in Paris, and would even spread into a property in Algeria. Their trade mark seems to have been registered in 1892, at which time they had the Lyon and Geneva addresses but not the others.

Their first great exhibition was in St. Louis, in 1904, for which they sailed products and machinery across the Atlantic - and won a gold medal.

Many people consider their cards among the most beautiful of all, for they are often die cut, and, like our card here, embossed. There is something else special about the firm though, for they were diligent advertisers, not only of their product but of the cards which were enclosed - the most famous and most used one stating that Each tablet bearing the Payraud name contains a superb chromo-lithograph published especially for the house and renewed every week.”  - from which we can imagine just how many cards must have been produced, on a weekly basis.