Convention 1957

Caxton Hall, London
On Saturday the 21st of September 1957, the Cameric AGM was held in the Tudor Room at Caxton Hall. It started at 10am and ended at 7 pm, though the AGM started 2.30 – the event included dealers, with the table just inside the door, as usual, being occupied by the LCCC. Other dealers were Universal, Mr. Sverdloff and Mr. Lillington, plus, it was the first appearance of The Wareham Trading Company. Two special visitors this year were Mr. & Mrs Cherry, the father and mother of our founder Eric; Mr. Cherry had been a regular but this was the first year his wife had attended. In the AGM the club announced a surplus of funds over expenditure, Branch Reports were received from Midlands, Yorkshire and Lancashire, and Mr. Wilfrid Mawson of Blackpool was announced to have been made a Vice President for life, in recognition of his endeavours for Lancashire Branch and others neighbouring, running exhibitions etc. He estimated he had travelled 6,000 miles in the service of Cartophily since his retirement.