Convention 1968

Saturday 27th April - LONDON

Held at Caxton Hall.

“The Cartophilic Notes and News” (Vol.2 No.20 – MARCH/APRIL 1968) throws up a question as it says “In accordance with what has become established precedent a whole day booking of a room has been made at Caxton Hall for the Society Annual General Meeting on Saturday 27th April, 1968. Formal business will start around 3 p.m. and will be confined to the essentials of business, sufficient time being allowed for members to voice their opinion and discuss matters pertaining to item on the agenda. Dealers` stalls will function from 10 a.m. and will continue to do so all day, except during the time of formal business when trading must cease. The occasion affords a good opportunity to cement friendships by personal contact; make your wants known to other collectors; do a few swaps and generally enjoy yourself cartophilically. Come along. It always gladdens my heart to be present, and you will discover that so it does yours. See you there. FRED PIPER.”

This is the first reference so far discovered to an all day event, previous advertisements having always only mentioned the AGM taking place in the afternoon. It is also the first mention to there being dealers stalls at the AGM, but mention of “established precedent” means such must have existed before. If you have earlier documentation please tell us.

We know from other sources that the event was well attended, 66 members and 4 visitors, and that some had travelled a long way to attend. Representatives from three Branches were there, Mr Cyril Marsden of Lancashire, Yorkshire and Midlands.

Seven dealers were present, but we do not have names. There were also several albums of cigarette packets present to view – these were the start of the Society “Carton Collection”, and had been expertly mounted by Mr. Wardlesworth. Some members noted examples were missing, and the solution was always the same – any member with additional cartons going spare, or information, should contact us.

Some of the points raised in “Any Other Business” are interesting.

Mr. Fletcher of Nottingham requested that name tags could be supplied to officials of the Society. He said as a new member he could not make himself known to them because he did not know who they were. He suggested a simple name tag would accomplish this. The Society agreed to provide these as of the next year.

Mr. Yate of Birmingham asked when the next Society Reference Book would be available. (This was to be the British Trade Index part II) Research Editor Mr. Wharton Tigar said it should be ready to publish by the end of that year, and perhaps released at the next AGM.

Mr. Hicks of Blackheath suggested the next membership list be issued as a small booklet, and carry an idea of members` interests to allow for contact of like minded folk to be made. This idea was to be considered.

And Mr. Widdowson of Retford asked why there was no ballot for membership of the Society Council. The answer to that was since no nominations were received, the members retiring and seeking re-election had no opposition. Members were reminded that any of them could nominate any other member to join the Council.