Convention 2000

Friday 28th and Saturday 29th April - WATFORD, MIDDX

The year of the Millennium saw us at Watford Leisure Centre. The event being held on the 29th April. This was the closest location to London at an affordable rate. The premises were spacious and had ample car parking, also, as usual, such places have good access for the less mobile. Yours truly was stalling out, for the only time ever (so far at least) with a table full of surplus items including a very nice Tuck Postcard Cabinet of three drawers and an opening lid top, this sold very quickly, to a member of the Cigarette Packet Club. Its always gratifying when the items you sell are off to be used by another collector, not just sold on, or as they say “flipped”. Wonder where it is now?

This year’s commemorative card showed our President Edward “Ted” Knight, who was retiring. He had a long association with the Society, being our Secretary for many years, though there was a break in 1973, when he temporarily stepped down from that post, even though he continued to work for the Society, and subsequently rejoined the council. He was our “New Issues Editor” for many years, and became President again on the death of Edward Wharton-Tigar. And he was also Secretary of The Cameric Club. Our new President, Derek Jenkins, presented him with a copy of our card, enlarged and framed, at the Annual General Meeting.

This card, for some reason, was plain backed with just the number on the reverse. Anyone know why? 


2000 Convention Commemorative Card