Newsletter - 2021-10-23

well here we are, getting into autumn now, there are already carved pumpkins out on doorsteps in our neck of the woods, so watch out for a spooky Hallowe`en special coming to these parts very soon. 

Now you may have noticed that our card of the day is slightly different these days, and a few of you have asked about the new timings. What used to happen is that I added the solution at 8pm and the new "front only" card at midnight. But what happens now is the timings remain the same but the code does not show until the card shifts across at midnight. One suggestion to resolve this is to have a question mark card inserted at 8pm, which would force the current card to appear with the code in the second box. (I hope you are all following this?) However, thinking about it, we could always insert the new "front only" card at 8pm rather than at midnight. This would mean that at 8pm you saw the back and code of the current card, and got the front of the next card. So lets have your thoughts and we will oblige with what the majority thinks best. 

So what is coming along this week?  

well thats it for another week, curtailed by a very clingy dog who finds my typing a very gross inconvenience whilst he is on my lap trying to fall asleep... 

until next week, have fun, and happy collecting from us all

oh and if you missed last weeks newsletter its at