Newsletter - 2021-11-06

Welcome to another week! And another week closer to Christmas. You can`t have failed to see the shops are getting all glittery, but you may think it is not a time for anyone but children. This is wrong in one way, because it is a time of hope, with a time of renewal waiting around the corner in a brand new year. So think back to your own childhood and to the cards you used to collect, and to any that you had for Christmas - and tell us all about them. Because it is almost certain that out there, reading your words, will be a kindred spirit who also remembered those same cards, or, even better, one that had quite forgotten them until they read your words! 

Lets look forward to a Christmas and New Year full of Cartophilic Treasures, and to being given a sight of something special every day from our advent calendar.  Our celebrations will begin as December arises. Don`t miss a single opening.....

To take you there, lets see what non-Christmas wonders we can celebrate next week

Well there you are, another week over. We hope you, and your pets, had a safe and enjoyable firework night, and that you enjoyed our rather brief presentation. However at least we celebrated, and that is really all that matters.

See you all next week, and happy collecting from us all

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