Newsletter - 2023-12-30

Not yet a New Year, but so very close.

I hope you have your diaries already, though I confess I am a mid year enthusiast, simply because things are going to hopefully be less chaotic and you can sit under a summer sun and write the first entry whilst you are being gently warmed, and blissfully sitting alone in peace and calmness. Well the idea is always an appealing one anyway, even if it seldom happens that way. 

I always go for a diary with a spiral binding so that it lays flat on the inside of my desk and then I have so many other things in there that there is never the space to lay it. But the spiral does give scope for me to stick post it notes in and clippings of future events at the local gallery, and lists of auction dates from my favourites, and pictures that I have moved from diary to diary over so many years I ought not to admit I still hold them so dear, but it`s my diary and I like to find them nestling there when the day has not turned out so well. 

Anyway this week will be the final flourish for our 1923 centenary events (and, very excitingly, we managed to find one for both the days). But it also features the very first of our 1924 ones. I hope that you enjoy these time capsules, for I do. Sometimes I am very surprised that these events were so far from, or so near to, our present day. And it is true, the more things seem to change, the more they really do remain the same. 

May your New Year be filled with fantastic finds, and hopefully even the one that completes that part set you had given up on.

And we look forward to meeting you all in Salisbury at our Annual Convention, which will be held on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of April. It already has a dedicated page, at Convention 2024, on which we are celebrating Salisbury Cathedral on cards. And if you have any others, do please scan them and send them along....or even just tell us of their set and card number and we will go hunting.

But I digress - and you are getting impatient, tapping of your fingers, wondering when I am ever going to and start the last newsletter of 2023....

So here it is! 

And so I must say good night. But I will be back again next year. Don`t all panic though, because this time next week it will be next year - and we will be setting out on another wild ride.

Don`t forget if there are any notable dates coming up in your collecting theme that we will happily feature them, and use one of your cards if you like. 

By the way. Someone has suggested something I never thought of, and I think it could be interesting. This was to keep using different sets for the cards of the day, writing up their descriptions, and indexing them. Then, in the diary dates section of the newsletter, we could use relevant or unusual cards from series that we have used before, and link back to its main entry, which would be its Card of the Day appearance. 

What do you think? 

And whilst you are pondering, may I wish a Happy New Year to you all.....