Newsletter - 2021-10-30

November is almost here, and don`t forget the clocks do something this weekend. I`m not sure what, my phone sorts that out automatically but whether we go back or forwards I have no idea. However that means darker nights and longer. So we will try to keep you entertained until the clocks start to turn the other way and you will again be spending more time at flea markets and fairs and not having to race home before you are enveloped in darkness. 

So what will we be bringing you this week? Well several special events for one thing, watch the newsfeed boxes and if you think you might have missed anything remember you can go back through the newsfeed section at

So lets start with....

well there you have it for another week. The monopoly picture will be added tomorrow, no idea why I brought the wrong disc down. 

If you missed last weeks newsletter fear not its still available at

better close - Hallowe`en is calling. Pop back tomorrow midnight for some spooky fun....