Newsletter - 2022-03-19

Update: 21 March : well I was a tad premature when I said "stay tuned, and watch the pictures appear silently in place!" But most are there now, and I have sorted out the problem where there were two days of the same date. Lets hope next week`s works better.

Anyway I have been reliably informed that there is less than six weeks to our convention, which this year is in Hemel Hempstead. So the burning question is ... will YOU be there? If you hope to why not tell us through Twitter, and also tell us what you hope to find there. This may also mean you have a better chance of finding it, as dealers read Twitter too. Tag in @Card_World and use the #CartophilicConvention2022 hashtag - and lets get together!

Now I will get the text up then add the pictures, with the rest of the codes tomorrow. Otherwise I may be here all night with nothing for early birds to look at!

Have a great week, and remember it is just six weeks until we meet in Hemel Hempstead. So start checking your wants lists are up to date, and stay tuned for details of how you can join in 

See you all next week and happy collecting