Newsletter - 2022-06-25

Now we are getting to the point of repetition, or rather of my trying to avoid it, hence the sudden idea of the index and gallery. Which we will be doing a bit more on over the weekend

Another thought is that maybe it is time to change to something else, one idea is Counties of the United Kingdom, using the first three cards as a guessing game, and the rest of the week either highlighting any branches or clubs in that area, or looking for unusual references and pictures. There are 110 Counties, so tons of scope, but some may be rather hard to find seven cards for even if we do go off on a considerable tangent.

Any other ideas for changing into the next phase will be gratefully received. Over to you…..

now we will close with the thought that this is not the end for we are going to crack on with that index and gallery and maybe by the end of the weekend there will be some major progress. 

once that is there I can start adding in other information as I work (slowly) through the magazine library

Sleep well whilst I am working, and see you all next week