Newsletter - 2022-07-09

Well this is going to be the weirdest newsletter ever as the Iaptop I borrowed refuses to power up so here I am on my tiny tablet that is so old that when it first switches on before the internet kicks in it says 01 01 2010. It also won't take a flash drive so I will have to try and remember everything I had on that.

Anyway I like finding solutions to things, so let's look at the positives. And call this an interim newsletter that will be sorted out once I find another laptop.

Oh come on, it is going to be fun.

And the newsletters are not carved in stone, they should alter, a lot, as more facts get discovered. And the waffle gets removed. I will cry if my cow piece has gone though! On which note there is a major plus to the tablet... I can emoji. 😀 Or maybe even  🐮

Well three cheers for the tablet. Maybe this is a whole new way of doing the newsletter. It's certainly been fun and look it's out at midnight.....

Sadly the card of the day won't be ready at midnight, but that will come tomorrow, some time. 

Thanks for sticking with me. Hope you enjoyed it too.