Newsletter - 2022-07-15

well hi there at last !

Apologies that this week`s cards of the day were sporadic in appearance, and backless, but I think I am getting to grips with this machine now. A bit. Sadly the one I used before was not recoverable, but it was of an age to only run Windows 7 and nothing lasts forever.

This one is Windows 10, but it has two keyboards, there is a small one to one side and a load of numbers to the other in a grid pattern. I am used to a full keyboard, so I keep getting numbers when I want a letter that was formerly over at the other side. And the " \ "symbol is where I used to capitalise things so there might be a lot of " \i " instead of " I " for a while. And then there is a key that shoots me off to the bottom of the document and that wasn`t what I wanted to do! 

Anyway I am persistent so will "go with the flow and embrace the challenges". And please help me out by putting up with me whilst I do it. A few positive vibes through the ether wouldnt go amiss either....

as well as a spot of assistance, because I just had a crazy plan, that if these newsletters are to continue, lets all band together. I will put up what I have on Friday midnight as usual and work on them through the next day if I need to, and anyone who can supply the illustrations I cant, or the information I am missing can please just send them along to

the newsletters are designed to be constantly updated and easily changeable, so lets start now. And anything that gets added later will be notified. 


well we made it, thanks to our trusty tablet, which is also a vintage version, but then you knew that. Doing it wasn't so bad, and next week it will be better! 

Have a great week, and use this as a chance to also try to look at every challenge as an opportunity. There is a lot of negative or even toxic things out there, but there are also lots of good things. The problem is that people talk more about the bad than the good so everything seems bad; if we talked more about the happy, then maybe it would overcome.....

Or is that a way too simplistic view. 

See you all next week - and please keep in touch with all your card news and views to keep this site alive with happenings.