Newsletter - 2022-07-23

Progress is definitely being made and this week I managed a new Card of the Day every day, at more or less the right time too. And I am delighted to announce I fathomed out how to add the framelines; it's a much longer process than it used to be but I am certain to find a better way in the near future. 

Not much time to update the rest of the site, but the next target is to return to the index and gallery, if for no other reason than it will tell me which cards I have featured before so I can look for new ones. 

Anyway let's look forward and see what we can join in with over the next seven days. And do tell us if we mention a theme that you are taking part in, or that you collect.... The contact e-mail, as always, is

Well thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed your read, and that it gave you something to think about.

If there is a notable event coming up connected with your collection, don't be shy, just write us a short piece and send it along to us, it does not even matter if you have no scan because we will do our best. Alternatively if you want to add some facts to things in previous newsletters that's wonderful too. Remember this site is for all of us to join in with - that's why there is 'World' in Card-World....

See you all next weekend and happy collecting!