Newsletter - 2023-01-21

22 January - Card Codes now added - and a Zena Skinner Surprise - January is moving fast now, but give it a chance, for it is sure to bring us surprises yet. And with every day that passes we get closer to the light nights and mornings, which allow for more (and some days the only) work to get done. 

So what, you may ask, do we have for you this week ? Well we have a cuddly character who is trying to make a comeback, a daring director of more than four hundred films, a culinary creation from the 1960s, a ship that sailed successfully all the way to Newfoundland, a new-fangled notion called a shelfie selfie, a natter about a natterjack and relations, and the calamity of conscription in World War One. 

So lets get going! 

Well my faithful readers, we have reached the end again. And yet again with no codes, but these will be added tomorrow. 

I have much enjoyed writing these weekly newsletters, and they have always, but the once, gone up on time, Saturday Morning, as close to midnight as I can muster. They have brought me much pleasure and also given me new people to add to my list of interests and to research. I hope that they have brought you the same. Some of you may feel they meander a bit, and that is the case, for I never know where the research will lead me, I just let it lead. Sometimes it is best to go with that flow, to not get worried or upset over things you think you may have lost, because in the end the flow may bring them back, in more need of you than ever.

Have a great week, with lots of pleasant discoveries. And I hope to see you here again next Saturday