Newsletter - 2023-09-16

Greetings to all our readers. And thanks for tuning in. This week has been fun, despite the heat, for I am developing a bit of a taste for going out walking, and I even got on a bus, after thirty years.

But I also managed to get a bit further along with our card index, into June 2022, at least with the cards of the day. However I am waiting on an amazing card of Millwall F.C. to break the deadlock of a double. And also I have to stop to write the newsletter, for there is not time to do both. 

So what, you cry, do we have for you this week? Well it is a feast of film and fortitude, involving an American adaptation of a French film, a actor as an ape, a pop-star sending up his image with a spectacular spoof, a magic musical memory that saved what could have been a disastrous day, a humorous take on the Home Guard, an attempt to censor almost all, and a record breaker who as usual sadly tried to take it all too far.

Lets start with...

And so there you go. Hope you enjoyed it. 

Now there is a bit of a treat for you elsewhere this week as now I have finished this to the best of both my ability and my time I have some reference book updates to upload.

You can find those at  - and if anything does not work, please let us know. 

Now off you go to bed! As I will do, once I have obeyed buster and taken him in the garden. Mind you I think he is only hoping that his journey past the compost bin will coincide with the exit of a rat too full of food to run. But I have caught a rat before and held it out of reach of a dog`s fiery breath, and I am certain I can do the same again....