Newsletter - 2023-09-23

Growing much more traditionally Autumnal now, dear readers, soon you will be spending a lot more time under artificial light, and running about to avoid the cold and rain. Winter jumpers, wellingtons, coats. Not so much all those many joys associated with snow though, more`s the pity. 

This week, another hectic one, saw quite a lot of progress in the indexing, we are half way through June 2022 now, and also a bit of tidying on the branch meeting dates page, which begs us to ask you to please tell us as soon as you have your 2024 dates ready. It would also be very helpful if you tell us of any missing information on that page we link to, plus whether you charge admission, and how much. 

Well this week we have a lot of fun for you, and much to discover, and we went off on several tangents. But within you will find an ice giant named after a god of the sea - a Japanese maker of motorbikes, cars, garden equipment, boat engines, and robots - a slice of Old Chicago, seen at a blur - a Chaplin centenary - the Somme, used for warfare, many centuries earlier than you thought - the centenary of something that most of us use, but only at Christmas - and the official opening of a railed vehicle that would get us all lit up. 

Let`s start with.....

Well I hope you enjoyed that as much as I enjoyed writing it. And now to bed. Tomorrow I will add those scans because time has beaten me. And over the weekend I may well finish adding all the cards of the day to the index. If so I will announce so with a new banner. 

Have a great week. Explore your neighbourhood. Be happy. And come back next weekend for another thrilling newsletter!