Newsletter - 2023-10-07

Saturday morning once more, but this week has been very exciting, for all kinds of reasons, and it just flew by on a cloud. As did I. 

Some of these descriptions will be tweaked later, especially the John Player one, because that book is not in its place and I cannot imagine what I have done with it right now. However this is not fixed in stone and as we go along, especially when we start working through the magazines, everything will be changing. At which time you can just watch the front page, read what we are fiddling about with that day, and follow the links. 

So what do we have to entice you with this week? Well we have lots of unusual cards, so any extra info will be gratefully appreciated. And we carry our thread right from the start, off road, into space, out to the ball game, back to prehistory, down to the fields, and up to meet royalty. Sound like fun? Well lets start with ....

And there I must halt, with the chiming of my ships bells on my clock, which mark the hour and the half hour, and make people stare at me on the bus when I have forgotten to turn them down, for they are proper ships bells, and loud too. So apologies to all the people on the H12 today, en route to Stanmore, though I got out at Hatch End for the art exhibition. 

I have not had time this week to start the gleaning of the Cigarette Card News for October 1933, or rather I have had time but needed brain and that was singularly occupied elsewhere. I may start that over the weekend.

I think the only thing I did not get done here was the write up from the Players original reference book and the Duke card of the day from Friday out of the updated World Tobacco Issues Index, plus the Burdick. Not much. 

Thanks for tuning in, hope you had fun, and also hope you gained a germ of inspiration to look something up and continue on from the bare bones that I laid before you.

And if anyone of you would like to send us some scary scans of creepy cards for Horrible Hallowe`en, please do. The [spider`s] web address is