Newsletter - 2023-10-14

ran a bit late last night but have now added the codes and gen on the missing cards. We also had some scans sent in, so watch this space whilst i make them into pairs.

Anyway the idea of these newsletter is that they are just starting points to be filled in as and when new information comes to light. 

So this week we will be taking you on a whistle stop tour of things that ought to be. We are starting with a wistful young girl who is almost forgotten by all but movie historians - move on to a grand adventure that ought to be more known and celebrated - learn of the humble start of something that grew into a name that everyone knows - try to track down some very rare cards showing a titian tressed beauty with her former name that nobody now remembers - hear a tale of a whale from a time long ago - celebrate a county that is pretty much only known of for its collegiate connections, and close with a baseball star whose name will never be forgotten.

Lets start with that young maiden for on ...

Almost made it, I deserve a coffee now....

The card codes for the diary cards will be added in tomorrow morning, and any interesting facts that I come across will be noted in the Whats New banner on the front page, which right now is serving as a timely reminder that our club auction is coming swiftly towards its close so do make sure you get those emailed bids in on time.

If you have not sent yours in yet, remember that in the case of tied bids the first bid recieved at that figure wins the lot. 

And now to bed, via coffee.