Newsletter - 2023-10-28

November is close, so close, with all its excitement and jollity, so many festivals, and feast days, and  flashing lights, and things that make your heart beat so much the the faster. And don`t you feel that all these places to go and people to see makes the days fly past ever faster towards Christmas and then another New Year.....

No wonder January forever seems to be an anti climax. 

Now this week we have a veritable feast for you. We have a curious animal indeed - a timely thought to those who go to war but not to fight -  a very odd thing to do indeed which is absolutely no fun on your own - a chance to look at antiquities and unusual items under the cover of darkness - a day to celebrate those whose pen, or even whose word, is indeed mightier than the sword - a look back at an event of the second Boer War, and a quick chat about something that very few of us now use, unless for decoration or for impress. 

And so read on.....

and that is all we have time for tonight. The only thing I have not yet found is the card code for the Topps set of Alf - and I also have to add the list of Boer War Generals - Campaigners. Not bad though! 

Ooh, I almost forgot. Today is Hallowe`en. And you will find a little extra Cartophilic Celebration at :