Newsletter - 2023-11-18

This week there was no fun and excitement for me, but you get your Saturday newsletter, well on time.

I miss that fun and excitement though......

Now this week we have some unusual cards for you and again we welcome your input on any of them, especially those of which it is very obvious that I am beginning to waffle.

So lets start our journey for this week, which comes courtesy of a super spaceman, a Flemish Figuratist, a tank`s triumph, a solo skipper, some female fiction, an Australian ace, and a purchasing protest. 

And there I must go, my battery is running out, both the one in my chromebook and the one in my soul.

Hope you enjoyed it, and I do really hope it made up for last week when I did nothing and could not get back into any sort of swing until Monday. 

Have a great week, and do come back next Saturday to see what else we have unearthed from our cabinet of cartophilic curiosities....