Newsletter - 2024-01-13

Hey, its Friday night...! Took me by surprise as well - I had another Metropolitan Railway card ready and scheduled for tonight. 

So here we are, January almost half into its duration, and several of us have presumably had snow? More is forecast as well, apparently starting on Wednesday the 17th, even in London, but the whole week is set to be cold, with predictions of minus temperatures anyway, without the biting winds that are set to blow across us. So if you can get out over the weekend, do make sure that you pick up a few tins for the larder - or at least write down the number of your local food delivery store, though bear in mind how hard it is for those poor bike riders to travel in the snow and ice. 

So what, you may be asking, have we in store for you this week? Well lets start with : 

And so - I must go, though this will be on time tonight, for once! This is mostly due to judicious picking, of sets where I thought they would either not appear in reference books at all or be quick to deal with if they did. And then I got that Marvel Ice Man, which was great fun. 

I hope you have a great week and do at least celebrate a few of these events, as well as look at your own collections to see if you had any other related cards. If you do, or you can settle some of the mysteries that I still ponder, just drop us an e-mail at - and I will be happy to extend the knowledge to us all.