Newsletter - 2024-01-20

Almost January no more, and also almost the end of Pluto`s stay in Capricorn, for today, January the 20th, 2024, it arrives in Aquarius, where it will stay, but for two months, later this year, until 2044

Tonight`s newsletter was brought to you with assistance from the Electric Light Orchestra`s "Greatest Hits" album, which has been entertaining me, gently in the background, courtesy of YouTube online, through my earplugs, whilst I typed. I realised only today that there is too little music in my life, and how easy it is to play something in the background.

There are tunes that do not work, because I sing along too much and type too little, and there is a certain person who I enjoy watching far too much to be able to type anything at all. But this one worked great.  

If you are not familiar with ELO, they first appeared as a group on card number 68 of Panini`s/Top Sellers` "Picture Pop" in 1973, just three years after they were formed in Birmingham, England. Watch this space and I ought to be able to track down a card and add it. And do give them a listen on YouTube. 

So this week we are off round the globe - to Old Arizona, out into space, all over the place with an adventurer and explorer, in London with Queen Elizabeth I, nipping over to America just in time for breakfast, chasing missing puppies all over 1950s London, and ending up cutting a dash on the ice in France. 

Lets get started with....

And so, adieu, for another week. I am getting better at timing it, and also not once tonight did mum lift the telephone up and plunge my words into the abyss of no return. Mind you I had pulled out the plug from the phone in preparation. 

Dont forget to check the diary dates page, because a lot of new ones are in there now. And if you know of any that are missing, just send them along. 


The indexing is also going well, except that I got a Nottingham card to replace the Ogden`s "AFC Nicknames" duplicate, only to realise I had done a lot more digging on that one than the Burnley card.

What I would really like, because the theme revolved around the bulldog, or tyke, is this one, but I only have the front because it is irretrievably stuck in. Its a modern foil card - Panini Nationwide League 1997 - and look, it has the Burnley Tyke right in the middle. So if you have one of these, loose, and would be prepared to send us a scan of the back, we would all be grateful. 

And as always, do email us if you have anything to add about this newsletter, The address is